Photography by Richard Davenport

Sam Shadow sits in his office waiting for his next client. He's no ordinary private investigator: he's scourge of the underworld, a man with ice where his heart used to be, the last bastion of morality in LA. Or so he'd like to think.

When the stunning Scarlett Addison walks in, Sam is thrown headlong into a shadowy world of murder, corruption and double crosses. A man's gone missing, electricity blackouts are more frequent than a loser at a blackjack table and the city’s in chaos. From LA’s dark streets to decadent hillside mansions, the deeper Sam digs the dirtier his hands get, until he discovers the true meaning of being a good guy in a bad world.

Inspired by classic film noir like The Big Sleep and Chinatown, Hardboiled is a slick and witty journey through a celluloid world of crooked cops, private eyes and femme fatales. Sit down and grab the popcorn, because Sam's fall is coming and it's going to hurt like hell.

This production is supported by New Diorama Theatre's Emerging Companies Fund.


Producer / Rhum and Clay, The Watermill Theatre

Created by / Rhum and Clay, Beth Flintoff, Jess Mabel Jones

Direction / Beth Flintoff

Writer / Beth Flintoff

Design / David James Harris

Light / Nick Flintoff

Sound / Neil Starke

Cast / Christopher Harrisson, Jess Mabel Jones, Julian Spooner, Matthew Wells

Stage Management / Eve Kerr



“Pulled off triumphantly.”                            

Time Out London


“Jess Mabel Jones’s performance is outstanding.”                            

The Upcoming 


“I can’t help but comment on Jess Mabel Jones’s outstanding performance, each new character she brings to the stage is an absolute joy to watch.”            

Everything Theatre


“A joyful and absorbing show, as easy to get lost in as a murky alleyway on the wrong side of town.”

The Stage


“A visual triumph.”

The Reviews Hub

“This highly physical, energetic production is totally captivating, performed with style and élan by these accomplished actors”

British Theatre Guide

“Impossibly inventive. Jess Mabel Jones plays every single female character and more and her expressive face and comic timing is an absolute joy to watch.”


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