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We are Anna-Maria and Jess – two women in our 30s facing a reproductive precipice; to try to become mothers or not? With conceptions at their lowest rate ever it looks like we are not the only ones with this on our minds.

Are women rebelling against the traditions of motherhood?

Is anybody talking honestly about births, terminations and miscarriages? 

What about the spectrum of pregnancy experience?

Let’s smash it all open.

Start a conversation. 

Interrogate the language. 

The expectations.

Let’s listen, share and validate.

Join us for a series of informal chats leading to a presentation of our discoveries, with the hope of busting some myths, once and for all.

Sun May 12 & Sun May 19/ Canada Water Theatre and Library Book a free place

Drop in for an hour or for the whole session.

We’ll have an on-site creche. The environment will be relaxed and a chill-out space will be available. We’ll have tea & coffee too.

As part of the Rebel Season, supported by Canada Water Theatre and Library & Albany Theatre.