Puppetry Direction  

My puppetry practice is extensive, diverse and often influenced by the companies I’ve worked with including Improbable, Blind Summit and Little Angel Theatre. My work has involved OHP, bunraku, shadow, rod, glove, object manipulation and improvisation. 

As Puppetry Director I have worked most recently with Improbable, Potential Difference and On The Button. My approach is inquisitive, collaborative and responsive, which makes the work I create playful and unique.

I’m particularly excited by collage, fragmented images, distortion, juxtaposition and the abstract. My interest in the neuroscience of belief means I often explore just how little is needed to create an image; I prefer to give audiences space to imagine into.


I can tailor-make single-session to week-long workshops in a range of mediums, including OHP, bunraku, shadow, rod, glove and object manipulation.

I have worked with a variety of companies and participants including members of the public and artists who are (D)deaf and hearing impaired, blind and visually impaired and disabled and neurodiverse.