The paper man


Photography by Camilla Greenwell

What do we do when fascism comes to town?

In 1938, Austrian football star Matthias Sindelar humiliated the Nazi regime by refusing to throw a match. A few months later he was dead. Accident, suicide or execution? Inspirational little guy or yet another man and his ego? Who cares?

Middle aged, white British, Football addict-in-recovery, Lee Simpson wants answers. He hires some women to make a show about football, Nazis, and our future.

In a paper world of light and shadow, violence and dance, five performers work together on what sets them apart.

A new Improbable production in collaboration with Vera Chok, Keziah Joseph, Anna-Maria Nabiyre, Adrienne QuartlySteve Tiplady and Jess Mabel Jones.

Watch an interview of me talking about the show

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Designer / Sophia Clist

Lighting / Colin Grenfell

Sound / Adrienne Quartly

Puppetry director / Steve Tiplady

Director / Tanuja Amarasuriya


“Laying bare the layers of society, of patriarchy and white privilege, The Paper Man playfully questions predominant narratives and power structures.”

European Cultural News


“The old models. it’s made clear, will no longer hold.”

The Stage

“This show is so full of moments that make you squirm, and think, and rethink. It’s theoretically about football, but at its heart is the idea of giving up space.”



“Wholly unremarkable tales about growing up amongst football obsessed lads that were delivered with infinitely more charm and wit in Gregory's Girl 40 years ago.”

Broadway World


“Some might say it was chaos, and maybe it was; but it’s the kind of evocative chaos you could watch over and over again.”

Everything Theatre